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Transformational Sales Accelerator

Master the art of Transformational Selling and change your life and business forever.


You want to create a successful coaching business more than anything in the world, but something's not working

Month after month, week after week, day after day, you struggle to get more clients and earn the money you need to live the life you want. You've tried everything; blogging, networking, free sessions, free workshops, but nothing works consistently. Every time you get a new client, it feels like a stroke of luck. 

You want things to change, but feel stuck because you don't know what to do. 

You're not alone. 

Most coaches who are starting out feel this way. You've been told to focus on things like online courses, list building and Facebook live.  It's overwhelming.

What you aren't told is that in the beginning, none of that matters. You've been lied to because people don't want to tell you the truth about building a coaching business. 

In the beginning, only one thing matters...sales. 



About The Coach Academy

Imagine if there was one place you could go to learn how to build a coaching business, become a better coach and have a supportive community of people just like you? Sounds pretty awesome right?

Well, you've just found it my friend. 

The Coach Academy is the ultimate school for coaches. All of our best-in-class programs and experiences are designed exclusively for coaches like you to take your business and life, to new heights. 

From virtual courses to live summits, our students learn from the top minds of business and coaching in a fun and supportive environment that focuses on creating real results. 


Coaches are our jam. 

Unlike other programs out there - our learning experiences are tailor-made for coaches. 

Whether you're a new coach who is just starting out or an experienced master coach looking to take things to the next level, we're here to help you turn your dream into reality.  

Our business courses are designed specifically to help you create a one-on-one, group or online coaching business. And our coaching courses are built to turn you into an undeniable Master of your craft. 

Real Results.

At The Coach Academy we focus not just on learning, but results. 

Huge breakthrough

We had a HUGE breakthrough on our sales funnel and finally found a viable path to QUADRUPLE our revenue in the next year...something we've been struggling with for a long time. The Coach Academy helped us make it happen!

- Carey G.

Dream come true

We were trying so hard to get new clients, but nothing was working. With the help of The Coach Academy we went from living at home with our parents to getting our own apartment in less than 3 weeks! It's been a dream come true for us. 

- Jade R.

Increased confidence

After attending The Website In A Weekend program I gained so much confidence in myself because I finally knew how to describe what I do. Now I can talk about my business any time, anywhere to anyone. Plus, my website landed me a spot on a radio show! How awesome is that?

- Shay S.

Transformational Sales Accelerator

If you are tired of struggling to get clients and want to learn the essential skills you need so you never feel worried about money again, this is the experience for you.

Over 8 weeks, students learn exactly how to create predictable monthly income without any digital marketing by focusing on what matters most - sales.  By the time you're done you will...

  • Be crystal clear on who you want to serve 
  • Feel confident talking about what you do any time, any where, to any one
  • Have a specific program and offer that is irresistible to your perfect client
  • Know the best way to attract your ideal client
  • Know how to lead transformational conversations that will have  people dying to work with you
  • Have a pipeline of potential clients excited to receive your offer
  • Overcome your fear of rejection and have an attitude of abundance
  • Change your relationship with sales forever

We are currently enrolling for our January class. Spots are limited and we are filling up fast. If you're interested in joining please click the button below to fill out your application and a member of our team will contact you. 

The Masters Program

The Master's Program is for coaches who are at the top of their game and are ready to get to the next level in their business. Participants get high touch one-on-one business coaching and learn advanced business strategy, marketing and coaching skills so they can grow their reach and make a greater impact. 

If you are interested in becoming a member of the The Master's Program please click the button below and fill out your application and receive a transformational coaching session with Jessica.